Temple Grandin is a person who changed my understanding of autism. One of my coworkers got to meet and listen to Temple Grandin speak in person recently. My coworker is now the coolest person I know (because she met Temple Grandin).

I don’t know about you, but her story significantly impacted my understanding of individuals with Autism. In graduate school, I read one of her books, and it was so crucial to my growth and knowledge of individuals with Autism.

Understanding Autsim

Me and Temple Grandin

As a parent of 2 children, one who had significant sensory processing issues growing up,  her book helped me better understand my child’s sensory needs.  She also gave me a glimpse into the mind of an individual with Autism.  I am so thankful for her sharing her story with us!

So while I didn’t get to meet and listen to her this time, I am hopeful I will get to meet her at some point!