Teaching Prepositions

My dogs are sitting on my sofas! I wish they would get off the sofa! We use a large percentage of prepositions in our day-to-day communication. For children with language delays learning prepositions is not always so easy. Prepositions are essential components for following directions, describing, and more. My two dogs are sitting on my couch, and I do wish they would get off! My two fur children do not seem to understand the preposition “off,” but it is a work in progress!

These are some of the different ways I teach prepositions:

Books – I love to use books. You can take almost any picture book and find embedded prepositions. Many books are designed with simple prepositions in mind. Last week I was teaching a student about prepositions who loves Dora. I had a book about Dora going to the dentist. I use the book to talk about “on.” The toothbrush was ON the tray. Dora was sitting ON the ground.

Where is it? Room and roaming scavenger hunt. This method is one of my favorite simple games. It takes minimal prep, and anything from a pencil or a small figure will do. I will take an item like a stuffed animal or a figurine. We then go around the room, and I place the item in various places. I then ask, “where is…”. I start with

Bags, boxes, cups, and more! I admit I was scrambling, so I pulled out some bags and plastic bins I had lying around. I took a few of those tiny colored bears that seemed to be everywhere.


Party Pups – is a fun game from Super Duper Inc that show various dogs doing all sorts of stuff. Dogs are jumping over fences and dogs at the fair! I also love to use this game for creating sentences. Fun activity!!!

Flamingo Bingo – Another game by Super Duper Inc. This activity is a bingo/lotto game. Some silly flamingos are doing all kinds of activities.

These are just a few commercially produced games that I have used to work on prepositions. There are tons more!