A Speech Rumpus

Sometimes we need to make a rumpus in speech!

I purchased Racoon Rumpus, a game by educational insights, off Amazon.  Yep, I love my Amazon prime!!!  This is a fun game to use in therapy.  There are many great activities and targets you can use this game for.  These are some of the concepts we worked on this week with this game:

  1.  Identifying the occupation of the costumes.
    • What do they do?
    • What are they holding?
    • What do they use the items for?
  2. Finding items using two identifiers.
    • The game requires you to choose a costume by color and location.  For example, you might have to find a costume with yellow pants.
    • Identification by color, type of clothes, and style.
  3. Describing – This is a wonderful activity for describing.  They can describe:
    • The color of the clothing items
    • Are they wearing accessories?
  4. Compare/Contrast – compare the difference in the costumes.  This can be as simple as different colors to more complex descriptions of the different shapes of the tops/bottoms.
  5.  Negation – I can’t find anyone with “yellow pants.”
  6. Accepting a ‘no’ when they can’t find a match and don’t get a turn.  This was especially challenging for one of my clients this week.  He tried to roll the dice just right.  This led to a great discussion about expected behaviors when playing a game.
  7. I also had a student working on initial r in repetitive sentences.  He identified the costume for the raccoon, and then he practiced saying would say “My raccoon has a rumpus.”

What are some other ways you could use this game?