Back to School

I am The start of the school year is hectic for the speech therapists and educators in a typical year. For the last few years have been anything but typical.  We are providing speech therapy for a wide range of goals, ages, and ability levels.  Then we have assessments, paperwork, and “other” duties.  It can be a LOT!  This is why I love to create and purchase print and go as well as digital (Boom Cards™) speech therapy activities.  Having ready-to-go and easily accessible speech therapy activities is key.  Over the years I have found that using thematic activities improves outcomes for my students and clients.  

Creating Thematic-Based Activities

I came upon a fantastic article in ASHA WIRE regarding the effective use of themes for speech therapy.  Check out this article. I’ve wanted to create thematic units that would address my student’s goals for a really long time. So this past summer after researching and planning, I started to create more thematic-based activities. I have created Boom Cards, printable language activities, print and go articulation, and more!  My hope is to increase the carryover for my students no matter their area of need.  

Since I started creating thematic units, I am not as stressed about therapy planning.  My hope is this will release some of your stress as well!  I have created activities to work with our kiddos with mild to moderate and moderate to severe disabilities. So when the year is crazy with evaluations, IEP meetings, school meetings, and more, we will have therapy materials planned and ready to go!

More in the Works…

Currently I am working on Winter, Spring, Ocean, and Sports units. I can’t wait to share them with you. I have links to some of these activities below so you can check them out. You can follow the links below or go directly to my TPT Site here: Back to School with A Gift of Speech! 

Don’t worry about this year.  I have your back…to school supplies!!!

 Shannon Archer, M.S, CCC-SLP


Thematic unit
Thematic unit
Thematic unit