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Not enough time?

Thematic speech therapy units and print and go activities FINDING SLP’s time! Have you ever said, “there is not enough time in the day?” I know I have and a lot. In my CFY year, I turned 35 and had a 5 and 9-year-old. I had gone back to school and started on a new career when I unexpectedly became a single parent a few years earlier. During grad school, there wasn’t enough time in the day nor when I started working. I learned quickly as an SLP that I would never have ENOUGH time, so I had to FIND the time. Huh… Yes, I had to learn to FIND the time by prioritizing and planning. Two essential components to FINDING more time have been thematic speech therapy units and print and go activities.


As an SLP, I have had a caseload that ranged from 40-67 students. While working in Texas, I worked primarily with elementary-aged students. Here in California, I have provided speech services for preschool all the way up to transition-aged students. I kinda laugh when people ask what grade I teach or work with!!! In my personal work, I have worked with kiddos as young as 2 1/2 up to age 24. With the variety of ages also comes the variety of needs. As an SLP, we work to address so many different skill areas across so many different settings. Have I talked about the amount of paperwork we process or “duties otherwise assigned”? We work with high numbers, various need areas, lots of paperwork, and so much more!  Just not enough time!

FINDING time vs CREATING time!

I watch plenty of SciFi shows that do all sorts of creative things with time, but I can not CREATE or MAKE more time.  Early in my career, I realized I had to FIND time.  One of the ways that I FIND time is through creating and cultivating resources that SAVE me time.   I have some other strategies that I look forward to sharing with you to FIND time, but today I want to share how to FIND time through resources.

  • I use Thematic Units throughout the year.  Check out this blog post on ASHAWIRE about using themes in speech therapy.  By using themes, I have a structure to start with.  This gives me ideas for vocabulary, books, games, and activities.  
  • I create thematic bins with a variety of resources.  I love to get real-world items at the Dollar Store and or GoodWill.  I add books and games that can be incorporated into the theme.
  • I purchase and CREATE Print and Go speech therapy thematic activities.  Whether I am working on language or articulation, I love having thematic activities that I can quickly print and use for therapy.
  • I create a monthly plan.  Typically I can use this again each year with small alterations.  This also means I am not recreating a plan each year.  This means that every year it gets a bit better.

As a busy SLP and TPT/Boom Cards™ creator helping myself and other SLP’s FIND more time is a part of every item I design.  I look forward to sharing more ideas on how to FIND and effectively use our time!

To see more of my time-saving thematic and print and go activities, visit me on TeachersPayTeachers!

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