Teaching Plurals

In my first year as an SLP, I came up with my greatest weakness, GRAMMAR! Yep, not my forte.  I didn’t learn to write well until graduate school, and still, it is laborious for me. I had to do some re-training personally to help my students with grammar issues.

Practicing Plurals

I noticed early on that most of the speech materials that I had access to had excellent “practice” components but not how to teach the concepts.  I found myself pulling out cards to “practice” plurals, verbs, or multiple meanings words, for example, without doing any teaching.  I often felt pressured to get trials and data with large groups and large caseloads.  Many of my kiddos were not getting specific concepts because I had not taught them.  It sounds so simple; take the time to introduce the idea before “quizzing” it or data collection.

As I developed my therapy practice for school and private kiddos, I started incorporating more “teaching” and “practice” days.  Yes, that means my “data” collection days went down, but I feel that the quality of my sessions increased.  When I see a student struggling with a concept, I stop and go back to instruction.

When making materials, I keep this in mind.  I try to add a teaching component to an activity when appropriate.

Many of my younger kiddos work on noun/verb agreement and irregular plurals.  I designed this product to allow me to teach my students the plural rules for both regular and irregular plurals before we started to practice.    The picture to the left shows the frequent plural rules poster that I created to demonstrate the rules.  I think it is helping my spelling as well!  Below are some samples of the activities available.  Check them out on TeachersPayTeachers.

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