Multisyllabic Hamburgers

Multisyllabic Generalization Practice

Currently, I am working on multisyllabic words and length of utterance with one of my clients who has CAS (childhood apraxia of speech).  It is so important to make therapy both fun and functional.  I expect my students/clients to work hard, but I have to make it fun and keep them interested.

I purchased this fantastic game, “BBQ Blitz,” on Amazon.

multisyllabic hamburgers

Apraxia Session Targets

We had two main targets for our session.

  1.  the multisyllabic word hamburger
  2. 4-5 syllable phrases such as:
    • I like ketchup
    • I found pickles
    • I eat mustard
    • I need cheese
    • I found a match
    • I need more cheese

After about 6-7 correct productions of hamburgers, I increased the complexity.  We practiced: I eat hamburgers, look at a hamburger, eat a hamburger.

How would you use this game in therapy?