“Just Add” is one of my super quick and easy Speech Therapy Activities.

just addSometimes the day gets crazy, and we need something simple to keep our students engaged.  Yesterday, I had an articulation group after one of my more challenging pragmatic language groups.  The printer was cranky, and I didn’t have the time to print off their interactive practice sheets from Detecting Articulation Targets (which is no prep but depends on the campus printer).

Spiral Notebooks for Targets

So I had the students pull out their spiral notebooks (Which we have been working in this year). I have been using Detecting Articulation Targets, SpeecheMon Articulation Sheets,  the Everything you Need Articulation Bundle by Speech to the Core, Articulation Print & Go & Articulation Notebooks by Teaching Talking Joke Books for Articulation by Activity Tailor to fill our notebooks.  The great thing about having notebooks is that I can have students pull theirs out and get right to their specific targets.  This activity worked so well I had my next language group do the exercise.  I pulled out some cards from Grammar Gumballs as we worked on the past tense.

Just Add-ing it up!

So I gave each student a scratch piece of paper (wipe boards work also are great) and a pencil.  I then got out my large foam die.  I had the students practice five targets, and then they got to roll the die.  On the first roll, they write their number, and then on each subsequent turn, they roll and add the number.

Simple no prep activity that works on targets and some math skills.  It was a challenge for my younger students, but it was a big hit.

Add Up Game

What are some simple activities you use during your speech sessions?