Interactive Multisyllabic Words!

interactive multisyllabic words activityI currently have quite a few children that are working on longer utterances. I set up my multisyllabic words by syllable length and then complexity.

Research has shown that cueing supports speech production.

There are many levels of cueing that can support increasing utterances. When working with multisyllabic words, I have found that demonstrating the number of syllables is an important cue. Ideas for syllabic cueing:  clapping, tapping, physical representations (like blocks or dots), hand gestures, and even playdoh. The first is how to demonstrate the number of syllables in the word.

I created the following multisyllabic activity to support syllable expansion in a fun and interactive way.  

Components of this activity:

Using multi-modalities

This multisyllabic activity includes tactile and physical movement. The students cut, color, glue, and move the flaps and syllables!

The first part of the activity includes a two-page activity. The top page has an image of the word along with the word. The term is separated by syllables and is meant to be cut apart. This also allows you to use a backward chaining approach for building syllables.

The bottom page has a picture of the item and dots for each syllable. The pages can be used separately or combined to create an interactive page.

Backward chaining

You can use a backward chaining technique with the interactive flap pages. I use the flips to emphasize the syllables. So, for example, butterfly you would build like this:  1. fly, 2. tter (der)- fly, 3. bu-tter-fly.   You would fold up the flaps to only show the syllable(s) you are working on.

Minimal preparation

As a busy school and private therapist, I always look for new and fun activities. However, I am also crazy busy! So I need things that are simple to create but effectively target skills. This activity included two types of interactive pages to make, fun cut and color speech crowns and some color and practice pages.

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