Google Drive, I had NO idea it could do that!

I recently was able to attend the #GAFEsummit or #Gsuitesummit by the EdTechTeam.  By the end of each day, my brain hurt from all the AWESOME knowledge that I was inputting!

Wanna be TECHIE!

I have always been a wanna be techie!  I have enough knowledge to be dangerous and to look like I know what I am doing…shhhh…I don’t always know what I am doing!  But I have always loved technology.

Who remembers GOPHER?

I have used word processing and spreadsheet programs for over 25 years.  I remember when we got Commodore 64s at school.  Yep, I remember loading DOS and then word!  I also remember when my internet was “gopher”.  Wow, I just went down tech-memory lane!

AT Specialist

This year I have a new role in my district.  I am an SLP for some wonderful students as well as the assistive technology specialist for our small district.  I have always been an AAC techie, but my role is so much more than just communication devices.  I have had to open some new circuits to support the many different needs of our students.

#GAFEsummit and #EdTechTeam

Thankfully I was able to attend an amazing conference a few weeks ago called #GAFESummit.  I spent my weekend taking a variety of course on using Google for education.  Thank goodness as our district uses ChromeBooks and Google Drive.  Honestly, I had NEVER really used my google drive.  Now, I am using it for EVERYTHING!

I will admit that sometimes when I start to learn a program  I want to throw my computer.  Partially because I don’t read instructions or manuals and also because I do get frustrated when I don’t know how to do something, kind of like or students might!  As I sat in these trainings, I learned how to open more tools without wanting to throw my computer or jump up and down in frustration.  Now I have an extension, G Suite Training that helps me..

The GAFESummit opened my eyes to just a small part of what GSuite has to offer.  Stay tuned for more info on GSuite!

  1.  Extensions, Add-ons, Application:  What’s the difference?
  2. More than docs
  3. Speech to Text and Text to Speech with Google and Chrome
  4. Brain Sharing with GSuite
  5. more…