Tossing Pig Skin: one of my emergency therapy activities!

I am always searching for new ideas to keep my students and clients engaged.  Sometimes I incorporate new games or activities that I have purchased from #TeachersPayTeachers.  While sometimes, I am scrambling to alter my therapy plans while keeping the child engaged.

Emergency Therapy Activities

This past week we had completed our activity much earlier than I had anticipated.  So I reached into my travel therapy bag.  I have found it is always good to have a few “emergency therapy items”.  Right now my emergency items are a ball popping pig and a small plastic football.

Tossing the football!

I pulled out some target cards and placed them around on the table and floor.  Then I had my client toss the ball and try to hit whichever “target card” he wanted.   We worked on some phrases: I toss the ball, I hit the card, I missed the card, and I hit …

Let’s just say it was a big hit. Whether you are doing group or individual therapy, make sure to have some emergency therapy activities handy!

What are some of your favorite “emergency therapy activities”?

emergency therapy activities: Tossing the ball in speech therapy      emergency speech therapy activities