Egg-citing Speech Therapy Activity

I am excited to share with you an eggciting therapy activity. This idea came from some colleagues of mine in San Diego. I love this activity and all its implications.

Supplies for this speech activity:

  1. plastic eggs
  2. egg carton
  3. small erasers or toys

Eggciting Speech Therapy             Eggciting Speech Therapy

What kind of eggciting speech therapy activities and goals can you accomplish?

Here are some ideas of things that I have done with these eggciting speech therapy eggs.

  1. I have tried Working on 2-4 word repetitive phrases.  “I open the egg,” “I pick this one,” “Pick the pink egg,” I close the egg,” etc.
  2. Categorization: I have gotten a little eggcited, and I have a few sets of eggs.
    • One of my egg sets includes different food. When using the set of food, you can practice labeling and grouping within the food category. After purchasing the fast food erasers from, I am so eggcited!
    • Another set of eggs I have is vehicles. We talk about whether the vehicle goes in the sky, water, or on land.  And for my little ones, we practice making sounds with our vehicles.
    • I have an egg set that has Animals, animals, and more animals!  I could probably have a few groups of animals. There are a few pets in my current animal set. I also have animals that live in the ocean, and/or live on a farm in this set. With this set, we work on labeling the animals and putting them in groups.  And for my minimally verbal and young ones, we make animals sounds.
    • There is also a Multisyllabic word set in my collection. This set is perfect for working on multisyllabic words and length of utterance.
  3. When a child opens the egg, we practice labeling, describing, categorization, and function. You can easily alter the activity according to the level of the student.

What are some of your ideas for “eggciting speech therapy”?