Create a Scene Boom Cards are one of my favorite tools to design because they target multiple skills within one Boom Cards™ Deck!  I found my inspiration from the magnet and felt storyboards.  

In each Create a Scene or Build a Scene Boom Card Deck, digital images or “stickers” are added on a background.  This allows you to create a scene and a story.  There really is no limit to the types of scenes that can be created.  

These are some strategies that I use while working with my students and clients in person and via teletherapy.

  • I have the child describe or label the item they want to place in the build a scene
  • I ask them to tell me where they are putting the item or where they want me to place them.
  • I incorporate  ‘wh’ questions regarding features, function, or class regarding the objects or as you create a scene. 
  • For articulation, I have the student practice the target word and then give me instructions on where to place the item.  This is perfect for carryover practice. 
  • You can also use these to have your kiddo work on narrative language by creating a “story.”
  • “Create a scene” and “build a scene”  Boom Cards™ are some of the most versatile tools for speech therapy.

Target Ideas for these Boom Cards™: 

  • Prepositions – Where are the items? Where do you want to place the item?
  • Articulation – Great for creating phrases with target sounds/words.  
  • Naming & Vocabulary Growth – Have the child name the items in the scene.  
  • Creating a sentence – Sentences can be made with the item’s name, location, and when describing the build a scene.  
  • Imaginative play – These scenes are fun to create stories about what is happening or what might happen in the picture.  
  • Answering Questions – You can use the create a scene to ask the child a variety of sentence types.  
  • Asking Questions – Have your students ask each other questions about the picture scene
  • & more 

If you have questions about how to use Boom Cards in person as well as via teletherapy, check out this blog post. 

I have created a Create a Scene Boom Cards deck for free. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Spring create a scene
Safari Create a Scene
Ipad showing CVCV Boom Cards™