Class Pet Fails

A few years ago, I wanted to get a new class pet. First, we had crawfish from a 3rd-grade project, and then we had a hermit crab.  They didn’t last too long.  Honestly, I wanted to get a hamster or a gerbil for our class. I had therapy plans and was looking forward to adding a more interactive pet to our speech room.

While I was permitted to get a hamster or gerbil, I was told I would have to get a signed note from every parent. That year I had 45+ kids to get permission from and ended up having knee surgery. So I got creative.

Book Themed Class Pet

When my kids showed up, they noticed something different in our aquarium. I had a mouse (a stuffed animal) and some other unique items. My students and I talked about the different items with the mouse. I then read the story “If You Bring a Mouse to School” in the next session. A few kiddos realized that our “class pet” was a story.

So I will admit that I had ideas to do some amazing and different books for our “class pet,” but that year was a little challenging. This year I am planning to have a unique book theme for my aquarium. I am going to tie it in with my theme for therapy that month.

I look forward to sharing pictures of my “class pet” over this next year!

Articulation feed the ocean animals
CVC words and an iPad
Articulation words and iPad