Boom Cards

Boom Cards by Boom Learning are not just for teletherapy and distance learning! Since last March, I’ve become obsessed with making and using Boom Cards for my therapy sessions. Boom Cards by Boom Learning has thousands of cards by teachers, speech-language pathologists, and everyone in between, so you are sure to find one that suits you and your caseload! 

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards that can be tailored to your student’s and clients’ needs. They are interactive, web/app-based, and a WiFi signal is needed to use them. They are self-grading/ checking, which allows students to have immediate feedback on their work! My favorite feature is that they are stored on the web, and there is no need to download them or print them! This allows you to use them for therapy activities or even as homework or carryover activities! 

How do I like to use Boom Cards?

Personally, I love using my Boom Cards for my mixed groups because I can target MULTIPLE skills and goals with one task set. 

I use them with my teletherapy clients, and I use them with my students at school. I use them with individuals and groups. If you have an interactive whiteboard, Boom Cards can be used on them. I don’t have an interactive board, but I created a “magic” board using a pointer and a wireless mouse. I set up the deck on my computer but take my wireless mouse to the therapy table. This way, I can control the game. Students then use the “pointer” to choose the items while I use the mouse.  

For example, my Back to School Create a Scene can be used for describing, labeling, articulation, questions, and more! This deck is perfect for some back-to-school fun! 

Why are my Boom Cards different? 

My Boom Cards are different because I created them functional on Chromebooks that many districts and students currently have access to. This allows students to interact with the Boom Cards no matter how they are accessing them.  

I have also created my Boom Cards to be accessible for a wide variety of students by adding numbers and shapes to support those who cannot move the items themselves. 

As we begin this new year, I am excited to be primarily back in person (hoping). Thankfully all the digital resources I have purchased and created are PERFECT for making speech FUNctional!

BOOM CARDS and TPT, while you are not my only hope, you are a positive FORCE for speech therapy!

See more of my creations on BOOM LEARNING!

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