Using my computer, I can display the deck on a screen.I have always loved using apps and digital activities for speech therapy.  With the jump to teletherapy during COVID, I add speech therapy Boom Cards™ to my toolbox.  As we have moved between in-person and teletherapy, I continue to find new ways to use Boom Cards™ as a tool for speech therapy.   Did you realize Boom Cards™ by Boom Learning has thousands of decks created by teachers, speech-language pathologists, and everyone in between, so you are sure to find activities for your students and clients! 

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards that can be tailored to your student’s and clients’ needs. They are interactive, web/app-based, and a WiFi signal is needed to use them. Some are self-grading/ checking, which allows students to have immediate feedback on their work! My favorite feature is that they are stored on the web, and there is no need to download them or print them! This allows you to use them for therapy activities or even as homework or carryover activities! 

How do I like to use Boom Cards?

 I use speech therapy Boom Cards™ with my private clients and with my school caseload. Both individuals and groups can benefit from them. They are effective with a variety of goals as well as ability levels.  

For teletherapy I typically choose a speech therapy Boom Cards™ deck and a short video clip for our session.  I always make sure to have a backup deck ready to go.  Some kids will have the ability to move items on the screen, but most of my students don’t.  Honestly, I see this as a good thing as this creates more language opportunities!

While providing in-person speech therapy I use my “magic” interactive whiteboard and my classroom iPad.  If you have an interactive whiteboard, Boom Cards™ can be used with them. I don’t have an interactive board, but I created a “magic” board using a pointer and a wireless mouse. Using my computer, I can display the deck on a screen. In order to control the game, I take my wireless mouse to the therapy table. Students then use the “pointer” to choose the items while I use the mouse to make the choices.  

If you are wondering about how to use Boom Cards™ for Speech therapy, check out this webinar that I produced with Broom Learning: Check out my Boom Cards™ training on Boom Learning!  I share tips and strategies to use Boom Cards™ across settings.  

Why are my Boom Cards different? 

There are some amazing Boom Cards for speech therapy.  What I found is that some decks do not take into account whether a student will be able to interact with the deck.  As I create speech therapy decks, I design them to function with or without mouse control.  This allows students to interact with the Boom Cards no matter how they are accessing them.  

As we begin this new year, I am excited to be primarily back in person (hoping). Thankfully all the digital resources I have purchased and created are PERFECT for making speech FUNctional!

BOOM CARDS and TPT, while you are not my only hope, you are a positive FORCE for speech therapy!

See more of my creations on BOOM LEARNING!

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