Effective Articulation Group Activities

Detecting Speech TargetsIt can be challenging to meet the needs of larger articulation groups effectively.  A few years ago, when I had a large group of ‘r’ students, I started using articulation-themed coloring sheets.  What I found was that a) my students loved to color, b) it kept them engaged, c) it was easy to prep, d) it could be taken home for homework, and e) allowed me to focus on individuals during the sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love playing games in therapy, but I have found this to be an effective tool.

Setting up articulation folders/notebooks

At the beginning of this school year, I made a folder and spiral notebook for each student.  I print out articulation practice sheets for students and put them in their folders.  They can then add the sheet to their spiral notebook, keep it in their folder, or take it home.

Over the last year, I have created articulation activities to use with your folders and notebooks.  I have also purchased some great activities from fellow speech therapists on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Check them out below!

Detective Speech Targets

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Detecting Speech Targets Blends Notebooks Detecting Speech Detecting articulation blends

This activity is available in 3 different sets:  L, R & S-blends, and L, R & S.  More phonemes in production!

I recently created an interactive multisyllabic set (minimal prep) to use in our speech notebooks and folders.  You can check out the blog post and/or product here.

multisyllabic words

These are some other minimal to no prep articulation activities that I use.

Articulation Print & Go Worksheets from Teaching Talking!

The Everything You Need Articulation Growing Bundle from Speech to the Core!

On the Ranch No Prep Articulation by Talkin With Twang!