Articulation Activity – Quest for Good Speech

The Quest for Good Speech:  An articulation activity for mixed sound groups!  4 articulation card sets in one!

As a school-based SLP, I often see a group with mixed sounds.  Sometimes I can group my ‘r’ students or ‘s’ students; however, this is not always possible.

So I decided to create therapy cards that would include more than one phoneme for a group activity.  The Quest for Good Speech includes l, s, vocalic r, and th.  There are 26 variations for each phoneme, with initial, medial, and final positions for l, s, and th.  I made this game to be played as a “go fish” style game.

My students love playing “go fish.”  They love when I play with them as well. According to one of my 3rd graders, it is more challenging when I play, probably because I want to win just as much as they do.

I typically use this as an opportunity to pass on some of my strategies.  I talk about how I “listen” to who asks for what cards.  It creates a great discussion about the importance of paying attention in a group activity.  I don’t always tell them that I reposition my cards in my hand to match where the person who has the card is asking.  I have to keep my edge!