Apraxia & Articulation Cards

With a varied caseload from my school position and private clients, I am always looking for tools for my CAS and phonological processes toolbox.  One of those tools is flashcards.  Now articulation straight out of the box/bin can be BORING.  But it does not have to be!!!  Because of the deficits of my students and clients, I found that I needed a robust set of flashcards without breaking the bank.  

So I created my own set of apraxia and final consonant deletion flashcards geared towards my kiddos and my training on approaching Childhood Apraxia of Speech. So I created a print and digital card set to support my kiddos. They are not an approach but a tool.

Apraxia & Articulation cards come in digital & print versions!

The CVCV and CVCVCV print and digital card sets include CVCV words with homorganic and heterogenic consonants and vowels (reduplicated and words with vowel/consonant changes). There are also multisyllabic words. Each word contains a card with an image and target. The card set also has a card for each word with a backward chaining model.  I have also created a printable CVC flashcard set (I am working on a digital version as well).  

Click the image to get the product:

. VC and CV apraxia cards    

With the print version, I can make cards and targets specifically for each student/client. I can also print out multiple sets. Now I don’t have to worry when a student bends or trashes a card from my “expensive set.” With m digital set, I can take it with me to multiple sites. This set will be growing over time.

So how do I make flashcards fun?
I play toss the cards.  Kids love to go chase after the cards!!
We build card towers.  I put a tissue down on the table to create a more stable base.  
I add paper clips and make it a fishing game.
I put flashcards in a “secret” bag to pull from.

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