Shannon Archer, M.S., CCC-SLP

When I was a child my Dad’s nickname for me was Magpie. He called me this because I loved to talk and “chatter.”  I got into trouble a time or two for talking too much! I won’t mention the C in “citizenship” I got in Latin back in high school with the comment “needs to control her talking.” 

Shannon-and-Gladys-332x385I am not sure if my Dad knew that the magpie is known not just for its “chattering,” but also its bold personality and intelligence. I was given the gift of chatter, a bold personality, and intelligence. I use these gifts to support children, families, SLP’s, and educators to help KIDS TALK BACK!

Shown in the picture to the right is me and an amazing young lady that inspired me to build my gifts and to share them! She was an orphan from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. She may not have communicated verbally, but she shared her love and joy through smiles and laughter!  You should have heard us sing together … actually probably not, because neither one of us can carry a tune!

Education, Skills, & Therapeutic Approaches


Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia-Kids Intensive Training Institute – Advanced Training and Expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

PROMPT Training

TXSHA, CSHA, ASHA, and Apraxia Kids conventions and workshops and focused training on Apraxia.

District expert and trainer for CAS

Therapeutic approach incorporating the Principles of Motor Learning, DTTC, multi-sensory cueing, family involvement, with FUNctional activities.

Articulation & Phonological Disorders

Motor planning principles in treating articulation.

A combination of drill and distributive practice to effectively treat single sound to multiple sound disorders.

I use a FUNctional therapy approach. We use games, books, and everyday items to make speech fun and functional

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology 

AAC Coaching & Device Support for SLPs, Educators, Districts, and Families

Evaluations, implementation plans, and team training

District Assistive Technology Specialist and AAC Specialist

District and state AAC Trainer – CSUN, CSHA, and SELPA trainings

California Diagnostic Center AAC Certification Course

SVOPower Expert Trainer

Extensive training with various dynamic display devices.  Training and implementation of Proloquo2Go, SnapCore, TouchChat, Lamp, CoughDrop, and more. Training with Eye Gaze devices, Tobii Dynavox, PRC, and other systems.

PECS Training

Behavior Support

Training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) through instruction courses by the Carbone Clinic and the Central Texas Autism Center. Application of these techniques with students and clients.


Evaluation for Speech and Language Disorders:  Full range of evaluation and diagnostic tools.

AAC and AT Evaluation and Implementation Training

Informal evaluation tools:  Language Curriculum Referenced Measure, VB-MAPP, Functional Communication Profile, and more for individuals that may not be able to demonstrate their skills with standardized tools.

Receptive/Expressive Language Disorders

Interactive and focused therapy to improve receptive and expressive communication using: literature, games, and activities.

FUNctional therapy approaches to develop improved communication skills from early intervention thru school-aged.