Speech is an amazing gift

Communication is the sharing of thoughts, feelings, needs, and so much more. It’s a skill that we often take for granted until we or a loved one presents with challenges. As a parent and a Speech-Language pathologist I understand the amazing gift of communication.  My goal is to help my clients, my fellow SLP’s, educators, parents, and or caregivers to TALK BACK! 

For families, I provide speech therapy services both in-person and online.  I offer in-depth and individualized assessments in the area of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  I also provide AAC Coaching and program support.  I work directly with your family or collaborate with your communication team.   

If you are an educator or an SLP I offer the gift of training, therapy ideas, and activities.  I provide consultation services to public and private schools, training for therapists and educators, and FUNctional therapy activities on TeachersPay Teachers and Boom Learning™.