Multiple Meaning Words activities: What do you mean? | A Gift of Speech

What do you mean?  Multiple Meaning Words

Multiple meaning words are words that have similar spellings but have different meanings.  Multiple meaning words, or homonyms, are important for vocabulary growth and comprehension.  Let’s think about the word right.  There are multiple definitions or meanings for the word right.  It can be a direction, such as turn right.  Another meaning has to do with whether an answer on a test is correct or right.

We teach these types of words to increase vocabulary strength, ensure understanding of directions, encourage vocabulary variety, and more.

I have found some amazing multiple meaning activities on Teachers Pay Teachers, but I needed some more visuals as some of my students were struggling to grasp these types of words.  Thus I created “What do you mean? Multiple Meaning Words Activities.

The “What do you mean?” activity pages were created to work on multiple meaning words (homonyms).  There are a variety of activities from prep to no prep.  Start with teaching cards to demonstrate some of the multiple meaning words using sentences.  Then have fun with the multiple activities to practice these words.

Check out the “What do you mean? Multiple Meaning activities” on TeachersPayTeachers.