Teach, Practice, and Learn Past Tense Verbs | A Gift of Speech

In my CFY year, I remember sitting with a group and working on past tense verbs. We were drilling away using a fun game and video clips. I got some great data but noticed some of my students were really struggling. I asked myself, “do these students even understand what I am taking data on?”. Have they been taught the skills? Some of my kids understood that the verb changed depending on “when” the action or state of being was taking place, while many did not. I wrote about this in a blog post on teaching plurals. It sounds so simple, take the time to teach the concept, before “quizzing” or taking data.

I have started to create activities that start with mini-lessons and visuals supports so I can determine if my students understand the concepts through instruction and practice before I take data. So whether it is past tense irregular verbs or multiple meaning words, make sure that teaching as well as practicing is a component of your therapy routine.

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