Spooky Whole Body Listening | A Gift of Speech

Spooky Whole Body Listening!

Our early social pragmatic group is currently working on whole body listening.   If you do not know about whole body listening, head over to SocialThinking.com for materials and information about this concept.

I wanted to share this fun idea that my co-worker Coleen found online and modified for our social/pragmatic group.  We called it Spooky Whole Body Listening.

Spooky whole body listeteningFrist we added the legs:  We chatted how keeping  our legs still can help our body to listen.

Toes:  Our feet and our toes (along with our legs) should remain still and help to keep our body facing towards the speaker.

Spine and ribs:  We keep our ribs facing towards the speaker  (we had to have a discussion about what ribs are and that, yes we have ribs).

Arms and Hands:  We keep our arms and hands still to help us listen.  We can also use our arms and hands to raise when we want to make a comment in class or to get someones attention.

Brain:  (had to add this to our skeleton)  We chatted about our we can use our brain to think about what a person is saying and what they might be thinking about.

Our eyes:  We use those to watch the person to see what their face might be telling us and to show that we are paying attention.

Ears:  to listen, listen, listen

Heart:  to remember to think about other peoples thoughts and feelings.

Have a  Spooky Good Speech Week!