In rain boots! | A Gift of Speech

Using galoshes in speech therapy!

There was an SLP who worked in a school, she had so many children, and so much work to do…so she gabbed her galoshes and came up with a plan.  To make speech fun any way that she can…

Speech Therapy Activities 

I had some inspiration for this post due to my last minute use of my rain galoshes.  Now that I am living in SoCal, my rain boots have been collecting dust.  I needed something different to work on prepositions and function.

Function, prepositions, following directions, asking questions, and more!

Last week I shared my function box. This week I wanted to share another activity I do with my function box. It’s pretty simple, but my kids really enjoy it!  I pulled out my leopard print rain boots and these are some of the things that we did and you can too!

1). What’s in the boot?  I place about 5-8 objects in the shoe.  I model asking the question “what is in the boot?”.  I then pull out an object and ask what does it do or what do we do with it.  I also have the students pass the galoshes around so they can practice asking questions.  This could also be done with articulation cards.

2).  Where is the item?  When I am working on simple prepositions, I might use my galoshes and a box.  We then practice asking “where” is the item.  “Where is the …?”  It is in the goulashes or it is in the box.

3).  Following directions speech therapy activities:  I will have the galoshes on the table and ask the child to choose an item.  I can either ask for them to choose the item by its name or function.  I then might ask them to put it in a location or possible do something that takes multiple steps.

How would you use rain boots in speech therapy?