Digital resources for speech therapy! | A Gift of Speech

This last year SLP’s around the globe…actually pretty much every field…has had shifts to online services. As an SLP I went from 100% in person therapy to 100% telepractice. This was completely new for me. I will admit I NEVER thought I would do telepractice. Then 2020 happened.

2020 pushed many of us out of our comfort zones. I went from an SLP who never imagined doing telepractice to one who is passionate about the opportunities to support kiddos and families in a online environment.

Do I think telepractice is for every child? No, I do not. I did have some kiddos that were not able to participate in speech therapy via telepractice, but honestly that was a small portion of my caseload. I was worried about the littles on my caseload, but they actually did amazing. had to be way way way more creative and therapy is definitely more challenging online. But all that I have learned and experienced has made me a better SLP.

What made telepractice work for me was Boom Cards from Boom Learning, digital resources like interactive PDF’s (some I made and some I purchased on TeachersPayTeachers, Pink Cat Games, YouTube videos from fellow SLP’s like PlaySpark, and more!

Last March when we went to telepractice, I started to convert some of my interactive PDF’s and activities to Boom Cards. As a creator and an SLP, Boom Cards were my life saver. I loved that I could either purchase or easily create speech therapy activities for my students.

Flash forward to April 2021 and I have a combination of in-person and telepractice on my caseload. What has been so awesome is that the activities that I used on Zoom have been awesome in-person as well.

How to use digital resources in person:
1: Magic wipe/white board: I was observing a student in her kindergarten class and saw the teacher making her generic wipe board into an interactive board. Essentially she used a screen projector and projected an activity onto her wipe board. She then had a student use a “magic pointer” to activate the screen. BRILLIANT!!!
2: iPad/Tablet”: I use an iPad to play games or work on sound games. I hold the iPad and share it like I would if I was doing a group book reading. The great thing about this is that it requires more expressive language then simply having them swipe away.
3. Multiple devices: I am lucky that I was able to check out a couple of old iPad’s from our school’s tech department. They don’t run all the cool new apps, but are perfect for digital PDF’s, Boom Cards, etc. I am able to open different activities or targets depending on their goals. I am then able to wipe them down easily before the next group.
4: What are some ways you use your digital resources in person?

I wanted to send out a thank you to all the amazing SLP’s that made this year possible. We could not have done this alone!