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Data Collection for Speech Therapy

Data, data collection, speech therapy notes…  ARGGGG…

Over the years, I have tried multiple data collection strategies, some have worked and some have not.  You know when they don’t last past the first 6 weeks, that you are in trouble.  This year, I think I finally found a data collection system that works for me.  How do I know this:

  1.  I actually used it all year long.
  2. I have solid data for my students; date, time seen, and progress.
  3. I am planning my sheets for next year.

I took inspiration from Queen’s Speech‘s post on the “Data Collection Dilemma”.

  1.  First, I created the data labels.  I have two sizes depending on the students goals and amount of room needed for documentation.  I normally use the larger ones for my students in our moderate/severe classroom, but it really depends on the amount of data I need.
    • 2 5/8 inch x 1 inch – There were just under $10 for 3000 labels on and they lasted the entire year!!!
    • 4 x 2 inch labels – They were under $10 for 1000 labels at  Since I use these with only some of my kids, I still have some left.
  2. Then I create a data sheet for each student.  I put this in a 3 ring binder organized by grade level.  One of my co-workers organizers her alphabetically, whichever works best for you.  The data sheet for each child has their goals, IEP dates, minutes, etc.  If I need a reminder about their goals, I can easily flip to their data sheet in my binder.
  3. Next, I put my data labels on a clip board, so I have something small and lite that I can take anywhere.
  4. In a perfect world, I add the labels onto their data sheet at the end of the session.  I will admit, that sometimes this happens at the end of the week.  Even if I get behind, it is easy to get caught back up and I have documentation!

Click for a copy of my data sheets!  labels 1 by 3 approx for therapy data and the speech therapy labels 2×4.  I also have included the individual page form that I put the data labels onto.  therapy data sheet for 1×3

How to you keep your data?