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Great Apps for Practicing Articulation

Great apps for practicing articulation

So first, I have to admit that I have an “app-diction.”  To say I have a ton of apps would be an understatement.  I started using an iPad back with the original (that’s my story, and I am sticking with it).


I have to give myself an app budget.  I am pretty much cut off right now!

So since I am on app restriction, I figured the perfect thing to do would be to share the ones I love and the new ones I am trying out.

I want to share the ones I currently use and the features I like the most or least.



  1. ArtixPik offers word and sentence-level practice.
  2. Choose words by phoneme and word placement (initial, medial, and final).
  3. Work on multiple phonemes per individual per session.
  4. Play with an individual or with a group.
  5. Practice words using flashcards or a matching game
  6. Allows you to record and replay
  7. Use the happy/sad faces to track and for

Webber Photo Artic Pro

Webber’s Photo Articulation Pro offers:

  1. Varied response by imitation or spontaneous
  2. Initial, medial, and final positions of words
  3. Choose between 1-2 or more syllables
  4. Word, phrase, and sentence level practice
  5. Set the accuracy level and score production by correct, incorrect, or approximated
  6. Allows you to take notes in the session
  7. It offers nine types of motivational games
  8. Data tracking over time with graphing